2 Arrested, 3 Sought in Elderly Scam

As posted on April 23, 2013 on www.allnews1067.com

Racketeering charges have been filed in a scam targeting elderly residents in metro Atlanta.

Two arrests have been made and three more people are being sought on racketeering charges for scamming more than 30 elderly people.  

John Sours, who heads up the Governor's Office of Consumer Protection, says, "It's a fairly classic situation where one price is quoted, work gets done or partially done, and then a much greater sum of money is demanded from the victim." 

He says that scammers told victims they would charge them 59 or 69 dollars to clean gutters, or siding.

Then, when the work was done, the scammers returned to tell the customers they owed many times that amount because workers had to use much more cleaning product, and the price was 59 or 69 dollars per gallon rather than in total.  

Sours says we need to warn our elderly relatives and neighbors about these scams.